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Level of Clinic Date Description
Entry Level

Grade 8 or 9 Badge

How to Become a Referee
In order to become a referee, you will need to take a certification class on the Laws of the game under the auspices of FIFA and USSF.

Basic Requirements to Become a Referee in Western New York State:

1. You must be at least 12 years old as of 5/1/2015.
2. You must complete a certification class.
3. If you are NOT a U.S. Citizen, you must be eligible to work in the United States.
4. In order to work virtually any youth game in Western New York, you must possess a valid Risk Management Pass from New York State West Youth Soccer Association (NYSWYSA).

How Much Does It Cost?
The cost of the class is $80.00 which includes your 2015 Referee Registration with USSF.
You may be required to pay local dues.

To download a current list of Entry Level Referee Classes in Western New York, click here.

To register for a referee course CLICK HERE and follow the directions in the middle of the page.

Please note: It is not necessary to take your referee class in your home district or state. If you are taking the course outside of your home territory, let the course instructor know and they will take care of any details required by USSF, the state and your home district.

For peole who wish to referee in USSF matches.
Primary focus is on the Laws of the Game.
No previous experience required.

Minimum Age: 12 years old by May 1, 2013

$35 for the class
$40 for USSF Registration. $5 for WNYSRA State Management Fee Local dues depending on where you live.

Total cost= $80+ depending on above information.